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我们要建设性的加拿大多元文化主义 – 多伦多新闻网


郭晓明(Xiaoming Guo for Waterloo)




2006年6月22日,加拿大政府对华裔做出正式道歉,道歉历史上对华人征收人头税的歧视性政策。这是高举加拿大《权利与自由宪章》精神之举。哈勃总理在道歉讲演中讲道:从1881年开始,有超过1万5千的华裔移民先驱参加了加拿大最重要的建国工程,修建太平洋铁路。 对铁路华工建国贡献的肯定,奠定了努力建设加拿大的多元文化共同基础。肯定少数族裔对加拿大建国的贡献是建设性多元文化的基石。我们应该倡导以努力建设加拿大为基础的多元文化主义。如果我们有这样的坚实基础,我们就不需要提倡所谓多元文化的宽容。如果我们有了建设繁荣的加拿大的共同努力和目标,我们自然相互欣赏不同文化背景的族裔,文化背景不同只是生活习惯的不同,咖啡和茶各取所好。这是健康的多元文化。白左极端多元文化主张宽容,所谓宽容,就是我讨厌你,但我还容忍你,这是对族裔之间相互歧视的遮遮掩掩的“政治正确”,是掩盖问题而不在解决问题。健康的多元文化基于相互欣赏:我们生活习惯不同,我们丰富了加拿大文化生活。


加拿大经济需要多元文化社会,因为加拿大社会是移民社会,加拿大公民是来着世界各地的移民。 一个成功的加拿大多元文化将有力推进加拿大经济发展,将积累加拿大高质量的人力资源,使得加拿大能在全球经济中占据优越的位置。建设性多元文化凝聚加拿大社会,白左极端多元文化分裂加拿大社会。在全球反恐的国际环境下,我们需要建设性的加拿大多元文化。

The Constructive Canadian Multiculturalism

Canadian Multiculturalism is not only about what we Canadians are, but also about our immigration and refugee policies; it is not only about how immigrants fit into our society but also our labor force and economy. The radical multiculturalism of the left ignores our economy, will hurt our economy and our society and will drag Canada into the same situation as Europe today.
A viable and constructive multiculturalism should have a constructive common ground that everyone put efforts to build a strong and prosperous Canada. Multiculturalism without a common ground will divide our society, and even breed homegrown terrorists. The common ground of the multiculturalism of Justin Trudeau is based on a shared dream and story. It is wrong. Canadian multiculturalism should allow different groups to have different Canadian stories. That’s already a historical fact. Canadian multiculturalism cannot have a common dream without shared effort to make our Canadian Dream come true. We should not accept new immigrants who have only a shared dream of getting rich without any intention of working hard for a strong Canada. Those who come to enjoy our welfare and join ISIS are examples of failed multiculturalism. Radical multiculturalism puts burdens on our economy and divides our society.
On June 22, 2006, Canadian Government made the full apology for the Chinese Head Tax. Our government corrected its Liberal predecessors’ errors and upheld the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In the apology address, Prime Minister Harper said: “Beginning in 1881, over 15,000 of these Chinese pioneers became involved in the most important nation-building enterprise in Canadian history – the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway”. This statement put Canadian multiculturalism on the common ground of working hard to build our country. Appreciation of minorities’ contribution to our nation and emphasis on their hard work on building our economy is the true common ground of Canadian multiculturalism. We should promote Canadian Multiculturalism on such a solid ground. We don’t need to mention tolerance among different ethnic group if we have a common ground of working hard for our country and our dream. If we have the common ground, different ethnic groups will naturally appreciate each other, and cultural difference is only a preference of living style and taste. Coffee drinkers and tea drinkers can appreciate each other for common effort building our country, and this is a healthy multiculturalism. We need a viable Canadian Multiculturalism that shares a common ground of building our country. Radical multiculturalism is base on tolerance. Tolerance is hiding the problem: I dislike you but I endure it, that’s tolerance. Healthy multiculturalism is base on appreciation: We are different, and the difference makes our culture richer, that’s appreciation.
A viable and constructive Canadian multiculturalism will enable each minority group to play a role in our economy. If a minority cannot find their role in our economy, they will feel marginalized and lose esteem. That, in turn, will be manifested as discrimination phenomena. If Canadian multiculturalism is not based on the ground of building our country, then some will eventually be marginalized and squeezed out of the economy. We value that earning one’s own life and elevates one’s esteem. That’s why the common ground is so important. Every culture that shares this common ground is part of Canadian society. What we need is a constructive Canadian multiculturalism, not the radical multiculturalism.
Canadian multiculturalism is essential for our economy because our economy needs new immigrants and because our economy is part of the global economy. A successful Canadian multiculturalism will boost our economy by making our labor force more effective, and enable Canada to gain a strong standing in the global economy. Constructive multiculturalism unites our society, and radical multiculturalism divides it. In the world of fighting terrorism, we need a Constructive Canadian multiculturalism.