(《国际艺术新闻网》记者王蕾、特约记者Elsa Hsien 多伦多报道)安省游乐宫于2020年2月8日至3月29日在其西岛(the West Island of Ontario Place)举办多伦多第三届冬季艺术灯光展览。今年的展览以 “魔茧”(Cocoon)为主题,展示艺术家以“创意、创新、光照和发现”等创作的21件具有特色的作品。2017年第一届安省游乐宫(Ontario Place)围绕“被照明的碎片”展出了12件展品,2018年第二届纳入主题“破坏性参与”,展品增加到18件。根据游客的意见反馈和主办方的经验,每年的展览都会扩大和微调。

Ontario Place

The Winter Light Exhibition, now in its third year, is curated to deliver a unique and engaging experience for visitors that showcases light exhibits created by artists from across Ontario. The first year featured 12 exhibits and the main focus was to curate the exhibition around illuminated pieces. The second year we decided to incorporate a theme of “Disruptive Engagement” and the exhibition grew to 18 pieces. Each year the exhibition is expanded and fine tuned to respond to input from visitors and lessons learned by Ontario Place.

Ontario Place wants to invite people to get outside and explore the waterfront in the winter. The Winter Light Exhibition is curated to deliver a unique and engaging experience that showcases light exhibits created by artists from across Ontario while also providing Ontario artists a venue to show their work and help to establish themselves within the community.Visitors have the opportunity to experience interactive and beautiful art exhibits, artists have the ability to share their work and build audience awareness

Ontario Place


记者在此次冬季艺术灯展会开幕式当天采访了安省游乐宫(Ontario Place)负责人和4位艺术家。 主办方安省游乐宫发言人 Glenn Shaver 接受采访时说到 : 第三届灯展相较前两年不论在艺术家的参与度或是莅临现场的游客都相对的提高很多。 主办方对于艺术家的创意筛选都极具心思。 先由艺术家们呈递意向图,然后再由其中被主办方挑选出来的出色的艺术家作品,还有主办方经费的支持,借由安省游乐宫之湖滨美景及中心地理位置提供一个艺术文化的体现平台, 免费鼓励多伦多居民在冬季仍然愿意走出户外,不但体现艺术活动,同时也享受湖滨冬季的文化气息。 去年参与的游客已经到达了44000 人。 相比去年,今年的开幕式也分别加入了周末社区篝火的温暖,还有现场教学的绘画课。 在极寒的冬天里,处处体现冬天里的热情之火。

In this year’s  Ontario Place Winter Light Exhibition,  Reporters interviewed Glenn Shaver,the Spokeperson of Ontario Place and 4 artists. The Spokeperson of Ontario Place said: Now in it’s third year, the Winter Light Exhibition showcase  created by artists from across Ontario, not only offering visitors a unique and attractive experience, but also an opportunity for artists to connect with the audience and show their image. Ontario Place invites visitors to interact with beautiful art exhibits, share their work with artists and build audience awareness, and Ontario Place has the benefit of content that encourages people to visit the site.

Ontario Place


4位艺术家的参展作品介绍如下:(The 4 artists, and their works  is introduced as follows:)


信标筒仓(Beacon Silo)

艺术家:克里斯·福斯特(Chris Foster)是多伦多的一位视觉艺术家和设计师。

Beacon Silo的原创 Chris 在2017 年就已经用同样的作品参展。 但是今年他又多加了一些元素。 使得作品感觉光芒不停的转动。 在黑暗中似乎带有无限希望的光明盼望。 记者问他这么大的作品,展完后要怎么安置,他说现在也都还不知道要怎么处置, 也许带回家可能很适合鸟类呢。 由此可见艺术家们随性又随心的创作思维总是被跳跃的灵感围绕。

Beacon Silo

Chris Foster is a visual artist and designer based in Toronto. Working across disciplines, he works to understand and deconstruct subliminal structures of power in architecture by engaging conversations about local histories and the built environment. His creative process is motivated by public projects, site-specific installations and design/build collaborations.



艺术家:Oneandoneandonex Reila

描述: THOUTH 作品极具新意。 是由四个年轻艺术家共同创作。 他们表示在创作过程中,没有争执或是意见相左。 大家就是因着对艺术的执着达到了一个和谐的高度。 用20,000 个半透明的乒乓球来展现现代人类脑子中繁琐复杂的意念。 犹如一朵漂流的云。 当晚这朵千头万绪的云不是放在石板上, 而是吊悬在半空中。 许多人经过都想伸手触摸,但却遥遥不及。 思绪下方的一张石椅更是匠心巧思。 思考……..四位年轻艺术家纯净眼神,揉合了青春,宁静却又及有深度洞悉人生的敏锐力, 着实抓住了当晚不少好奇与赞叹的眼光。


Vessel. Incubator Cocoon In THOUGHT, we express the concept of a vessel that carries an idea. A cocoon, incubating the living, breathing energy of our thoughts.On the exterior, the THOUGHT is made of hundreds of translucent pingpongballs, dyed a multitude of colours. Suspended from the surrounding trees On the inside, a multitude of carefully arrayed points of light emanating movement. The light flickers and on and off at times, actively attracting attention; slowly dimming form light to dark other times, giving the sense of a breath, a life within. The colours range from white to burnt orange, varying in hue but keeping on the warmer, sunset-like side of the spectrum, gifting a warm, ember-like glow on the snowy ground and surrounding trees.The other half of the installation, is a solitary, long, wood bench directly below the cloud. Here, the audience is invited to sit and reflect. Here, the THINKER, can reflect, wonder and dream.Dream, and engage. A sensor on the bench allows the thinker to communicate with the THOUGHT. The lights bursting through cone alive as the interaction takes place. The quickening, intensity and variance of the effect, solely left to the tinker of the THINKER.


展品: 信封(envelopod)

艺术家: 马特·查拉兰比德斯(Matt Charalambides),工业设计学士学位、艺术家。善于在日常生活中找到灵感,挑战传统设计。

作品描述:Envelopod 的作品其实真实的名字应该是 : Invisible illness. 原作是年轻的 Matt Charalambides。 他用五种元素创作了这个极具代表现代人内心的抑郁与压力囤积的伤痛。 而这些隐藏深处,视眼不能见的忧郁也反映了现代一些需要正视的内心疾病。 是一种无声的呐喊。 也是现代艺术无论从音乐,舞蹈甚或绘画到雕刻都有可能刻画的心灵之声。


Like the familiar legend of the Loch Ness Monster, Lake Ontario holds tales of unexplained, snake-like creatures that are said to cause shipwrecks and violent wakes. Since there’s little tangible evidence of these cryptids, there’s room for imagination. I believe that like most creatures, they can form either physical or metaphysical cocoons. Not unlike the cycle of a butterfly undergoing transformation, these cocoons can act as a protected place in which internal development cannot be seen externally.

Humans create cocoons in the same way. Living with invisible chronic illness is just one instance in which our perception of another’s external appearance is far from a reflection of the work that is happening within. Through my wife, Eva, I have seen how sufferers of invisible illness are treated like cryptozoological creatures because  their truths are not easily seen or understood.

This installation stands to demonstrate that our protective shells should be celebrated for providing us room to grow without the need for meeting societal expectations or pressures; a place inside all of us where self-care and self-love can be the focus. And from within that cocoon, we can still glow.

Envelopod is made of hand-cut acrylic and copper scales. Guests are invited to reach out to the inhabitant of this cocoon by placing a hand upon a copper scale to allow the myriad of changing colours to emanate from within. Allow this installation to be a nod to those who suffer silently, the cryptids among us.



艺术家:冬雅·哈特(Tonya Hart),1998年获得约克大学美术学士、视觉艺术学位。她的作品从自然、科学和光线中汲取灵感。

创世纪看似简单,甚至是有些单调。 但是创世纪来自圣经旧约的第一章。 里面说到 : 神说,有光。 于是世界就有了光。 这个作品用了四面的光来到地上的中心点。

创世纪(Genesis)(photo by:Laura Rossi)

When I began to think of the curatorial theme for this year’s Ontario Place Winter Light Exhibition it didn’t make any sense to me. What does cocoon have anything to do with light, or winter? Then I realized that light had everything to do with cocoon. Light is energy. It generates life and as a form of energy it embodies a cocoon that nourishes growth and trans formation. So I designed an installation with light as the central medium. In GENESIS, the beams of light are all directed to the centre of sculpture, and even though the beams will have visible trajectory, light will still pass through the centre. It will only be when someone stands within the sculpture to capture the beams of light that the true form of the sculpture takes shape. Standing at the centre of GENESIS people are given a moment to experience being saturated in light. Every movement they make will be deflected by the beams creating a dynamism between the person(s) and the light of the piece. The focus of light to a single point has many cultural, scientific and religious references. What they all have in common is the notion that the concentration of light creates a focus of thought, a form of incubation, a point of transformation, a genesis. So I welcome everyone to pose within GENESIS to become the focal point of light and energy.